Individual Therapy

Individual therapy provides the unique opportunity to develop meaningful connection that will allow for the safe exploration of the issues that lead you to seek support.  My work is rooted in Attachment Theory, Experiential Therapy, and the somatic experience of emotion.  Through the development of a secure attachment, you will be able to walk through the pain and discomfort of your experiences and achieve a new felt sense of agency to successfully manage your emotions. Areas of specialty include substance use and developmental trauma.  Other areas for exploration include anxiety, depression, adjustment/transition, and grief and loss.  I work with adults of all ages in individual therapy.

Couple & Family Therapy

As no two couples or families are the same, no two courses of treatment will look the same.  We will customize your experience so that it is meaningful and helpful for your specific situation.

In working with relationships in couple or family therapy, the relationship itself is seen as the client.  We will focus on the interaction between people and develop new ways of communicating and expressing emotion to create safe, secure, intimate, and meaningful bonds.  We will develop healthy boundaries that will benefit each member individually and in relationship to others. 

Corporate Consulting

It is very common in business to have leadership, management, and culture difficulties.  I work in partnership with Karolyn Johnson, MFT to facilitate effective change in company dynamics, team-building, and corporate culture to improve the work-life experience for all.  Training, Small Group Workshops, and Individual Coaching are available and will be customized to fit your specific context, industry, and presenting issues.  Please call to schedule an initial consultation.


I am available to speak or lead customized workshops on leadership, communication, substance use, and self-compassion.  Schedule a phone consultation to customize an experience for your company or group.  Visit Connected - Seen & Heard for full details on groups and workshops.

Please schedule a free initial consultation, in person or by phone, to discuss any questions you may have regarding my services and to assess if my style of therapy is right for you.